Webinars can drive growth in a digital business world

One year ago, when business shifted to remote work, the demand for digital information surged. In a matter of weeks, tradeshows and continuing education seminars were globally replaced with Zoom calls and webinars. Specifically, webinars allowed businesses to adapt to changes and leverage the platforms for continued growth. Programs such as Zoom, GoToWebinar, ON24, Demio and Livestorm connect information with consumers around the globe, providing increased opportunity for education and growth. While creating a webinar can seem daunting, the key to successful client conversion is to make sure the message is simple, useful and practical. One transformative piece of information can convert a listener to a customer. Read on for tips.

Why webinars?

The goal of any webinar is to promote products and services or to provide instruction, but it must also be informative, interesting and engaging to your audience. Before content creation begins, define and dial in on your target audience. What is the problem that you are trying to help them solve? This answer will help you determine what information is most relevant and unique to your message. Remember to focus on what makes your information unique and sets you apart. Something that seems ordinary or obvious to you could be the key that transforms a viewer’s mindset, system or business.

Content is key

Slides with streamlined highlights in bullet-point form, paired with live video, work together to effectively present valuable information and allow viewers to keep visual notes. Keep the text on your slides short, so your audience can easily digest and retain your key points. Studies show that most participants prefer a shorter presentation, so move through your slides at a speed that fully engages your audience. Pare down your presentation to thirty to sixty minutes. And make sure to give your viewers something they can use immediately to solve a real problem. If a webinar wastes time, you will lose the leads it generates.

Invite customers and capture data

Next, begin promoting your event. I always consider purchasing e-blasts through related industry outlets, which advertises an event in front of a new and highly targeted audience. Social media posts and e-blasts to your own customer base are equally, if not more, important, and provide a key touchpoint with your existing audiences. Encourage recipients to share information about the webinar. Best practice is to promote your webinar event across all your channels for four to six weeks.

Any digital invitation should promote the webinar and include a link to registration on your website, where data can be automatically funneled to your CRM. The registration form on your website should also include an auto-reply confirmation, with a link to view the webinar and a calendar notification. Leading up to the event, be sure to send a reminder email that includes the event link again.

Practice … and then practice again

While you promote your event, practice your presentation. Ensure that your webinar tool is reliable, that your speaker and webcam work well, that your lighting is good (consider purchasing additional “selfie” lighting) and that your internet connection is secure. If possible, find someone to practice with to gather critical feedback.

The steps you take after your webinar are just as important as the planning and execution of your event. Following the event, provide attendees with an archived version of the event that they can re-watch and share, as well as any follow-up materials. If you have the budget, consider promoting the archived version through another sponsored e-blast to encourage additional views.

The hustle starts now

Business growth requires adaptability in an ever-changing market. Webinars are a cost-effective way to build your company’s reputation, encourage engagement and capture new leads. A.WordSmith has hosted webinars that have brought in significant new leads, with anecdotal feedback proving that customers find them both valuable and educational. With proper planning, a webinar can generate the new leads that your business needs for education and growth, reaching eager listeners across the world.

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