Industries Served

A.WordSmith has intimate knowledge of the following key markets.

Years of dedicated support across these markets means A.WordSmith speaks your language and already understands your audience. This yields a shorter ramp-up time than other agencies, which helps you meet your goals faster.

Maritime & Logistics

As one of the oldest industries in existence, the maritime and logistics sector is also one of the most diverse. Because Owner Amelia has supported this space since 2010 for the above leading brands, the company has a strong command of who’s who and how business works in this highly established sector. (Read about Amelia’s experience aboard a tugboat in 22-foot Alaskan seas.)

Robotics & Emerging Tech

Roughly 400,000 new robots enter the market every year. Whether a client is competing for sales or investment funds in this competitive market, A.WordSmith has the strategic expertise and know-how to deliver a client’s message effectively.

Assorted Others

A.WordSmith is proud to have worked with these brands.