Need a marketing SME to present at your next event? Let’s have A.Word.

If your industry event is looking for a Subject Matter Expert (SME) to discuss marketing and communications, or similar topics, consider A.WordSmith Founder Amelia Smith. Amelia has nearly 20 years’ experience in the industry and is ready to educate conference attendees on a variety of subjects.

Possible topics could include:

  • 101 of marketing to a specific audience
  • Specialized marketing techniques specifically for the marine, transportation, logistics and robotics industries
  • How to conduct a successful online webinar to generate leads
  • Crisis management
  • How Chat GPT will change the communications field
  • How to hire a marketing agency and have it be a successful relationship
  • How to start and maintain an SEO-optimized blog
  • And more

Amelia spoke at the 2022 International WorkBoat Show on the topic of marketing in the marine industry and at a recent South East Business Recovery Exchange (SEBRE) meeting on the topic of resiliency through crisis. Contact A.WordSmith for availability.