Meet Founder Amelia Smith

SarahdipityPhotosHeadshot-26Amelia’s story is simple: she is a writer at heart who specializes in communications, marketing and content development. For the past decade+, she’s used these techniques to accelerate clients’ business development results. Her approach can be applied to all types of organizations, from start-ups and small businesses to established, large companies.

After founding A.WordSmith in 2017, Amelia set out on her own to use her expertise to help businesses meet their goals faster and more successfully. You can find a list of her key projects, completed in service to companies across diverse industries, including the commercial marine and maritime sectors, here.

From her office in Jacksonville, Fla., Amelia serves clients with operations around the world with a wide variety of communications, marketing and content services. Over the years, she’s built up a network of trusted partners who can offer media buying, graphic design, photography, videography and website services — each of which integrate seamlessly into the A.WordSmith portfolio.

Amelia’s service packages can be tailored to your individual needs, whether you need a dedicated partner or occasional outsourced support. To learn more about her approach or how she can help grow your business,¬†connect¬†with Amelia here or on LinkedIn.

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