A.Word about our success: Marketing a major industry event

In August, A.WordSmith traveled to Portland, Maine, to support the promotional activities of a major commercial marine industry event: Deployment of the world’s first autonomous spill-response vessel.

Working on behalf of client Sea Machines Robotics, A.WordSmith generated the media announcements and event collateral, and managed all public relations activities on site. Since the event, A.WordSmith’s marketing muscle has so far resulted in over 100+ media articles (including feature stories and a television news interview) and this engaging video, which yielded highly positive, objective observations from major industry players.

Check out the following infographic for the full details about this A.WordSmith success story.

case study_ (3)

While A.WordSmith is thrilled with the impact it is making on behalf of Sea Machines, it is equally proud to be associated with a client that is using its products to maximize human safety and environmental health.

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