Sea Machines Robotics

Sea Machines is a Boston-based company developing advanced perception systems and autonomous technology for the marine industry. Since 2018, A.WordSmith has supported the company’s marketing-communications team with strategy and projects.

Video: Autonomous Cargo Delivery

Case Study: World’s First Autonomous Skimmer Vessel

For this project, A.WordSmith traveled to Portland, Maine, to support the promotional activities of a major commercial marine industry event: Deployment of the world’s first autonomous spill-response vessel, made possible by Sea Machines’ tech. A.WordSmith generated the media announcements and event collateral, and managed all public relations activities on site. Following the event, A.WordSmith’s marketing muscle resulted in over 100+ media articles (including feature stories and a television news interview) and the video below, which yielded highly positive, objective observations from major industry players.

Sea Machines PR & Content

Autonomy Helps Meet the Demands of a Changing Workforce

As the nature of work evolves, it’s critical that our industry meet the new demands of today’s employees. Read

Sea Machines Unveils AI-ris Computer Vision Technology

A marine perception sensor that eliminates at-sea collisions and increase operational performance. Read

World’s First 1,000 Nautical Mile Autonomous Voyage

The autonomous tug Nellie Bly completed its journey in just 129 operational hours over 13 days. Read

Webinar: Autonomy for Unmanned Survey Vessels

Operators are commanding the vessel and all on-board payloads from shore. Watch