The value of internal communications

When considering all the ways to maximize impact of promotional activities, it’s easy to dismiss internal communications. After all, when selling a product or service, employees aren’t the ones buying.

So, why invest in them? Good question.

Here’s the answer: When customers contact your company, the first people they interact with are your employees. Maybe it’s the greeting desk staff. Or the sales support team. Or, later, customer care. If you’ve groomed them; kept them in the loop; explained new products, services and processes; and aligned them with the goals of the company, you’ve laid the foundation for success.

Your sales team may be incredible at turning leads into customers. But, when it comes to making customers “sticky,” your support staff is key. When employees feel valued, more often than not, they’ll return the favor by providing excellent customer relations, which can translate to on-going sales.

Another item to consider is the impact employees can have in terms of reputation building for your organization. Most buyers have already done vast amounts of research about a purchase before coming into contact with you. They’ve read the online reviews and checked out your social media. Do your employees write reviews about your company online? Do they like your social media posts? Do they rate you as a five-star provider? Rest assured, customers notice what they say.

Finally, when it comes to hiring new employees, it makes a difference if your current employees are well treated and work as a team. A healthy, positive culture draws future talent.

So, how can you show your employees that they are valued? Here are just a few ways:

  • Hold regular “town hall” meetings
  • Use your intranet and/or an internal social sites
  • Send e-newsletters
  • Host special events (inexpensive coffee and bagel breaks go a long way – and use the opportunity to discuss company updates)
  • Ask for feedback and take it seriously

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